Most of us are not that fortunate. Childhood dreams, ambitions and the likes though foggy remain tucked somewhere and fade away. Circumstances, opportunities and the environment lead us to what we have to do and become. Nothing new stated. Yet why we are today what we are? Why a dreary acceptance of that could not be avoided? Maybe, attachments, commitments, trends and the herd. Heard of herd? Here it is. Go where everyone goes, do that everyone does, buy that everyone buys, eat that everyone eats, dress that everyone wears; could go on and on. Never ending saga of human quirk and longing! Examples? Galore and yet incomplete. Academic pursuits for the headlong rush for jobs for the latest openings, investment of effort and finance in speculative wonders, conspicuous burn up, and so on. Its too late; Lucky ones drop out to find their moorings, the rest the majority, continue, they joined the herd and remain part of it. Doomed! For sure. Though on the surface they swim with the tide, but the under current erodes their grey cells and deposits remorse and frustration. Years move over to decades, nothing changes; nothing will, barring the plodding crumbling of the faculties, leading to the ultimate finale. Be in a herd and never get heard, by self, leave aside the others.

Dismal!! Not really! Depends on the yearning and the nerve to conquer the anticipated imperil. Everyone may not succumb to a change, but they could pave a passage for their progenies. In a country of opportunities, God’s greatest gift the humans, and their brain, presumably could be nurtured to enquire, analyze, evaluate, argue, accept and perform. The child, a blank statement to begin with, receives vibes which positively enhance each and every part of the structure and faculty. The growing up is through mutual assistance and consent with equal emphasis on every aspect of the exposed environment, cultural, social, academic, sports and so on. Reasoning with honest, candid discourses, no compulsion and adamancy, no rhetoric’s and indulgence could make the personality building process healthy and blissful. Listening to and assisting in realizing the dream, however, awkward it may appear, encouraging and wishing at every step the child to achieve the goals that the child has set (perhaps with your suggestions only) and without sermonizing, guiding through failures and hiccups, remaining on the sidelines when the results pour out favorably and providing the shoulder when they do not.Hopefully the child over the years acquires the cherished ability to get heard and very much unlike the majority that continue to remain in a herd.

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  1. Murtaza Husaini
    September 8th, 2010 at 11:21 pm

    One of the best articles on human behaviour.