For those with soiled cerebrum, please do not over stretch your enthusiasm, mating is to join together as mates (associates) and nowhere does  Webster Dictionary imply a physical relationship! Yes there are mating seasons, childhood, adolescence, retirement, school and college days, workplace, and so on where we reach out and seek friends and comrades. In most cases a lifelong tie develops through bonhomie and mutual respect, through camaraderie and understanding and such associations last long possibly to the last living days. There are other mating seasons as well, the one that we are exposed to presently through the media, rallies, road show and door to door entreating and soliciting. I have managed to remain aloof and disinterested in developing an association with any such requests. I have not cast my vote so far, for many reasons, delusion and apprehension with the performances of the blueprints offered, are probably the foremost. I am aware that I have lost out on an essential democratic right given in our constitution, which does aggravate uneasiness and despair and also spurs me on to activate my participation.

Should I cast my vote this time? A simple question, but the ‘why’ remains. We see and hear by and large same persons, some irritatingly vocal and arrogant, some theatrical, some confused, devising ways and means to convince us on issues which they should have resolved by now. We all are aware of corruption, nepotism, crony capitalism, bureaucratic vandalism and so on which have eaten into the entrails of our economy and have caused us misery all round. Let us suppose that possibly due to the constant vigilance and scrutiny by us the next set of people could bring in some solace and therefore be given the benefit to govern; but there are certain other more pressing issues which remain to haunt us and in my skull their dark, frightening and disturbing images do collate and move across at intervals. I see no clear answers offered so far that could remove my apprehensions. Let me share these disturbing images with you:

–October 1984 the Anti-Sikh Riots

–Dec 1992, the demolition of Babri Mosque and the riots thereafter.

–Feb 2002 the Godhra train burning.

–Feb 2002 Gujarat Riots.

–August 2013 Muzaffarnagar Killings.

Most of us have had personal experiences in one way or another during these ghastly riots and insane killings and destruction. The narratives of these  live with us in our heart, hurting each day as no plausible solution has been offered by those requesting us to favor them with our votes. No concrete offer has been made by any of them that would assuage our feelings and bring us together. No assurance has been rendered that such incidents will not be allowed in future. Not one has accepted that human life is more precious than ideological pursuit and religious fervor.

For me the mating season is over as I value human life over and above everything.