“The Wishbone” is my latest novel and is on sale on amazon.com and kindle.com. Wish to share some  experiences as I wrote the novel and hope they enthuse your  interest   in reading the novel.

Having lived a salaried class life, the thought of owning millions rarely crossed me. One evening in a gathering at Secunderabad Club the thought did cross me when I heard a friend’s wife mention that her long cherished wish had been granted; she had in her possession the two carat diamond solitaire ring gifted by her husband. I thought for a while and asked her had she ever considered a wish that she was gifted millions of dollars
. She looked at me with askance and walked away. An idea started germinating in my mind. I addressed the same questions to a large variety but mainly girls in their late twenties and early thirties both single and married, Their answers were revealing; their wishes very different from the diamond solitaire lady. I have attempted to assimilate and assemble these in “The Wishbone”

Ballard, in Seattle is quaint with its rustic charm and reminds me of Shimla. The five minutes’ walk to her Montessori School with Yameena, my five year granddaughter, was a treat for the mind and the heart. Her effort mostly was to prove her scholarly superiority over mine; she scored her point, to her amusement I did not know which butterfly was poisonous! Her recital by rote of the prayers from the scriptures and her tales of encounters with her friends and relatives through her non stop chatter for the entire journey, did touch my heart. The five minutes journey to and fro was highlight of the day. I have digressed a bit; I should have concentrated on Yameena’s teacher, who has a prominent space in “The Wishbone”. Avery caring, dedicated, charming and focused lady; I hope I have done justice to her characterization in the novel. I leave it to the readers to decide.

Is there an exodus of expatriates from the US to India? I did some research. The result is mixed. Few those especially on visas have exercised the return option, but the rest prefer to stay. Diljeet a Punjabi girl will spell out her reasons in “The Wishbone”.

God does work in his mysterious ways; “The Wishbone” narrative amply exemplifies it. However, it also happened as the novel was written; I met with an accident at 1.30 AM by falling from the stairs. On finishing writing for the day I was proceeding to sleep with my head filled with ideas for the next day, when on reaching the top landing instead of going towards my bedroom I turned to the other staircase with 25 steps and no landing. My feet slipped and I came hurtling down and crashed with the wooden wall adjoining the bottom step, an impression of my head is prominently imprinted on the wall. My neck and leg were fractured. Under heavy sedation I was transported by helicopter to Thomas Jefferson Hospital at Philadelphia. After a fortnight I was discharged from the hospital with a collar around my neck and my leg in a heavy boot. Two months later when both injuries had healed sufficiently the doctor allowed me to remove the collar and the boot. I started working on “The Wishbone” again. Going through the script I was amazed to find that in it I had written Thomas Jefferson Hospital, Philadelphia where one of the protagonists in the novel could be treated!

The writing of “The Wishbone” took me around four years, and I have had encouragement from all my relatives and friends especially from those to whom I sent the draft script. Hopefully you find it interesting and enjoyable.