I am told that when the brain fails clinically one becomes a vegetable (figuratively); and when the heart stops beating? Well, we all know what happens ! So far I have had no such experiences on both counts and with Allah’s blessing status quo will continue.

However, I do have the experiences of feeling heaviness and breathlessness when lifting heavy loads or exerting during a run or brisk walk. Hopefully this will no longer happen as I have recently undergone angioplasty with success and ease.

My right main artery was blocked totally and I was told that, so far, the blood flow to the heart was stabilized through other arteries and therefore I was spared the feeling of a ‘stroke’. Presumably this artery had remained blocked for the past two years and in a sense I was to be considered a lucky person. Moreover, the chances of surgery loomed very high as the blockage was severe and its removal was considered dangerous and difficult. The choice was left to me! Surgery or stenting? I chose the latter. There were two reasons for this choice; first, I am a soldier (kidding!) with penchant for challenges and second, full faith in my cardiologist, Col Navin Agarwal, who very succinctly put across his confidence in himself, he could reduce the chance of stenting failure to only one percent.

Navin struggled for good over three hours and succeeded in removing only 20% of the deposits from the artery. It seems that the existing normal wires and balloons were ineffective. He postponed the next sitting for four weeks and prescribed medication during this period.

It took Navin another two and half hours two clean up the artery in the subsequent operation. Instead of one he put in two stents in the blocked artery. At one stage, Navin had thought of throwing in the towel, but his tenacity and perseverance coupled with the prayers from the loved and beloved ones made the operation a success. I thank Allah for His mercy and all those near and dear ones who prayed for me.

Adorning stents has become a common and regular feature by both the genders! It’s like wearing a wedding ring once married! Both are permanent and very close to the heart!

To-day I feel rejuvenated fulfilling my normal routine with vigor and gratitude, the imposed restricted diet notwithstanding.

For all those who at any stage feel heaviness in the limbs and the chest, meet some one like Navin immediately.