I owe a sincere apology to readers of the articles in my blog for reminding me to shed  the writers block! I wish also  to thank them for their concern and their subtle unspoken  encouragement to me to continue to write. I have heard it loud and clear and will not disappoint anyone. However there is a small problem.

For the past month and half I am in the inception and delivery mode. My new child “ Chenab Connection” is shaping up and hopefully, God willing,  by end of the year we will celebrate its birth either in New Delhi or Hyderabad. A peep into the cerebellum of the ‘baby’ may be useful.

Why the name “ Chenab Connection”?

The simple answer is that the novel is all about ‘love’. Heer Ranjha and Sohini Mahiwal  loved and died in the land where waters from river Chenab irrigate the fertile soil. To most Sialkot and Akhnoor may sound familiar so would be Waris Shah and Fazal Shah Sayyad who have immortalized the  love legends through their poems, the famous song Sohni Gharay nu akhadi aj mainu yaar milaa ghadeya by Pathanay Khan (real name Ghulam Muhammad) and the famous Heer Ranjha paintings by the famous artist Sobha Singh.

Is it Topical?

Yes love blooms even today in lovers with their roots in the Chenab area despite the barriers and barricades. Love blossoms despite the social, cultural, ethnic and religious turmoil. Love thrives despite the fear and the danger from the known and unknown.

Love is the potent theme of the novel; to live and love is a long and arduous journey filled with agony and joy. The novel  is a suspense thriller, does it lead the romantic protagonists to their ultimate fulfillment?

Please do read the novel which will be available in January next year for the answer!