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The sad trend in the existing media driven culture of an insulting way of thinking or behaving that comes from believing that you are better, smarter, or more important than other people is absorbed metaphorically by most, as a noticeable and usually pleasant whiff. In short the present generation is apparently overcharged in an ‘aroma of arrogance’ and is prepared to accept the absurd,  hopeless, unattainable and unrealizable pledges and vows made in the utterances especially of those seeking high offices of governance.

Initially the election campaign in USA  by the parties for nomination of the presidential candidates did appear to be one of the routine follow up of past years.  To my surprise as I watched closely it gradually turned into a reflection of the 2014 Indian election to the Parliament; wherein  a candidate, Donald Trump,  stood out from the others by spreading the aroma of arrogance tantalizing and mesmerizing his party followers. His popularity continues to grow and is keeping pace with his rhetorics and theatricals that appeal to the raw and basic instincts. Some of the proposals by Donald Trump, presently the presumptuous presidential candidate of the Republican Party, are common routine, however  some  appear to be absolutely preposterous and impractical;  a large segment of the population would suffer due to their nature of being selective and divisive. A  person who kept a Book on Hitler’s speech, under his pillow, his articulation on race superiority, open misogynic exhibitionism, ban on Muslims entry, National jingoism, disdain for his political opponents, abusive name calling and so on has so far gained the same leverage and popularity that Hitler achieved overwhelmingly in his rise to power in Germany. What the future has in store for the US is anybody’s guess!

Sadly Trump’s followers pleasantly clouded  in the aroma of his arrogance and pledges are blissfully ignorant of the ominous aftermath of conceiving  an America as a domineering and commanding  world leader by overriding and demeaning it’s neighbors, it’s allies and targeting a particular community. History could repeat itself should some of Trump’s pronunciations and pledges do  materialise subsequently under his regime. But will they? Observation from similar experiences belie the possibility. The aroma around  the extravagant  and the hype fades rapidly once the coveted chair of governance is occupied.

We do not have to stretch our necks or use magnifier to notice the stark reality after two years of rule by the present regime in India. A leader who through his rhetorical dramatics mesmerised the Nation in voting him to power today stands exposed. To the needy and poverty driven masses, his slogan of ‘progress’ a sweet aroma filled their minds and hearts. He had pledged, to fill individual houses with millions of  the money stolen by a few and deposited in foreign countries, to subdue the inimical neighbor with excessive show of strength, to bring in rapid reforms to create better investment environment to help the economy to grow, and so on. Ground realities do show progress, although of a different kind and variety. Reforms to improve the economy are at a standstill, black money remains safely stacked in foreign banks, media freedom is closely monitored and tampered with, the inimical neighbor has become more intransigent and other neighbors lean on and are more comfortable with those with whom our relationship remains historically skewed, the fringe elements are encouraged to create a divisive and confrontational environment both in the society and the educational institutions by generating non issues into sentimental tinder boxes; the list is incomplete.  Yes the Nation’s leader has kept his promises and pledges but not that he had pronounced thunderously but those that were hidden.

Why do the masses  elect such leaders?  Do they genuinely feel that they are choosing the right guy? Or is it the ‘aroma of arrogance’ emanating from these worthies  that has  lulled their sensibilities!