To begin with, this blog is an attempt to conjure that is hiden in each of us and hesitant to come out, possibly due to inertia or criticism or just plain shyness. The hidden could be a thought, an idea, an invention, a theory, a hypothesis, a view point or any such that may be fresh and objective, may or may not presently be useful.

To begin with, do find time to collect your thoughts and ponder long enough to say what you have to through this blog , with no fear, prejudice, malice and bias.  The topics relevance or otherwise is insignificant; that is told truly, earnestly and sincerely is that matters.

To begin with, shed your inhibitions and your lethargy, squeeze your time at any opportune moment and let your thoughts overtake you through that you write and present. Let others, like most of us, really know you, if we have not so far. Your opinions, your sentiments, your feelings, your logic and your prejudices will reveal much more than you would have, specially to those who care and feel for you.

To begin with, I have attempted in another post,  to present my personal views on a topic which encompasses us all from our child birth to our old age. I do not expect everyone to agree or disagree, yet I hope it makes everyone think and maybe, maybe consider useful.

To begin with, do have your say ! No untowardnes will appear or happen between that you think and write! And maybe, maybe we could benefit in some little way or manner.

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